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managed servicesIn the US, there has been a trend in the last few years for businesses to move from installing a locally hosted system, typically referred to as “on-premise,” and managing it via internal staff, to relying on managed access control and VMS solutions.

Managed access control and video management solutions can either be hosted by ECI Systems or installed on the customers’ site, but in either scenario, ECI Systems administers and manages the system(s) remotely for the customer. Through strategic outsourcing of security systems infrastructure, applications, monitoring, and administration, our clients can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective scalability, 24x7x365 operator availability, and system redundancy – without the capex costs and IT support that is associated with an on-premise solution.

Benefits of Managed Services include:
  • Increased Flexibility via Remote Access – with an ECI Systems managed access control or video solution, you can access your system from anywhere with an internet connection. Instead of having to go to your office and log into the internal system, you can now make changes such as lock or unlock doors, add or remove cards and review video files remotely
  • Decreased Equipment Costs – instead of having to purchase a dedicated server, server license fees, and software support agreements, you can pay a monthly fee to have your access control system hosted on our servers
  • Fewer Maintenance Costs – with your access control system or video solution hosted on ECI Systems servers, you will no longer have to provide IT support to maintain, update, troubleshoot, and backup your own internal servers

ECI Systems’ managed access control and video solutions are powered by these industry-leading hardware manufacturers:

eagle eye

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