IP Video

IP video and specifically its use in video surveillance involves the monitoring of behavior(s), activities, or other dynamic video-based information and then using this information to deter, protect, manage, enforce and analyze.

In today’s heavily digitalized climate, video management systems (VMS) have evolved into a critical business tool – allowing clients to conduct audit trails and produce reports on day-to-day production-related activities and of course provide the forensics related to video security.

IP VideoToday’s IP Video solutions allow individuals to observe live or recorded video either on-site or remotely – both from a server or PC or a “smart” device like a phone or tablet.

Benefits of IP Video include:
  • Risk Management
  • Visual Proof, Fraud and Theft Deterrent
To ensure that your facility is fully protected with the latest in IP Video technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers:


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