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door and turnstileThe evolution of IoT (internet of things) and cloud-based technologies has had its effect on Access Control solutions and related peripheral devices. Specifically, wireless, power over Ethernet (PoE), NFC (near-field communication), mobile credential trends have reached all the way to door solutions – which as a category encompasses all the components of a door and its locking related hardware.

Given that there are literally hundreds of thousands of door related products in the market, ECI Systems makes it our mission to ensure that the correct door product is selected for the correct application.   ECI Systems offers a variety of mechanical based door, lock and key solutions, which includes high-quality, industry-leading products from the world’s best-known and most trusted manufacturers.

These solutions include:

    door and turnstile

    Door and Lock Solution Benefits
    • Cost savings on the operation of the unit
    • Ecologically friendly
    • Reduced building energy costs
    • Utilization of existing network/infrastructure to enhance business operations and concurrently enhance security operations

    The first line of defense occurs at the building perimeter. Full height turnstiles are a rugged, low-maintenance solution for the harshest outdoor conditions, acting as a deterrent against tailgating and unauthorized entry at your fence line.


    Inside the fence line, to manage the movement of people in lobbies and building interiors with varying degrees of security clearance, corporations globally are implementing barrier turnstiles coupled with an access control or visitor management system. Alternatively, optical turnstiles can effectively be used to detect tailgating with minimal inconvenience to users and without forming an obtrusive barrier.

     Benefits of a Turnstile Solution include:
    • Increases the probability that only credentialed employees/guests can access the space, so the attendance and tracking data in your visitor management system is as accurate as possible
    • The liability risk of non-approved / non-credentialed guests is virtually eliminated
    • Turnstiles are a visible deterrent to casual attempts at crime and theft
    • The physical presence of turnstiles in any building says a great deal about your commitment to keeping your facility and your personnel safe

    ECI Systems’ lock, door, and turnstile solutions are backed by these industry leading manufacturers:

    assa abloy

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